This graph shows the harvesting relationships among key metadata catalogues that contain data relevant to the polar regions. It shows the network of systems and how data is harvested from one system to another. Edges in the graph denote harvesting with arrows pointing toward the organization that consumes the harvest. Colors denote the state of the harvesting and can be seen in the legend.

The information presented in this graph was collated by POLDER and participants at the Polar Data Planning Summit (Boulder, USA, 2018) to explore potential gaps and duplications in existing data discovery tools.

The default graph contains all the harvesting data avaiable. To filter the graph you can select a specific organization or link type from the drop down. Selecting 'Filter Selection' will gray out everything not included in the filter. 'Graph Selection' will draw a new graph with only the filtered data. Finally 'Reset Graph' will return to the original graph, displaying all data.